If college apps were a song…

…it’d be one scary song I assure you. It would probably be a good soundtrack for a horror movie too. Fast, chaotic, never-ending, repetitive, annoying, painful. It would be written for a wind and brass ensemble. The trumpets would use mutes heavily to create the thin, sharp tone. Overall, I auralize it as being almost a series of dissonant chords with no relief until the very end where it resolves to a major chord in a high register, similar to a picardy third. The chord progression, if you could call it one, would be repetitious so the same dissonance would eventually become somewhat orderly in that it is the same dissonance as before. There would be no key signature since the chords would have many accidentals and involve odd intervals such as tritones, major 7ths, augmented 6ths, etc. The piece would have straight chords at first. As the main theme developed, it would be seen in broken chords in the bass, overlapping with staccato soprano voices. At one point in the development, the chord progression would be used as a sort of canon, call-and-response, or imitation. The same basic chord progression would be carried by different voices, staggering the progression. The main point of the piece would be to create and imitate the emotions felt by those having to complete applications, specifically college applications. Those emotions would include anger, pain, irritation, tension, expectancy, and unrest. The idea of formulaic applications is largely a modern, western idea, thus their musical form would certainly fall into the category of 21st century, Western music.

{As you may have guessed, I have been in the process of filling out applications and I find them painful. I thought the emotions my peers and I faced was one many can relate to, thus, this idea of turning objects, such as college applications, into music was born.}